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Toni L. Chevalier

Superstar Consultant


My Story

My journey started in 2010 when I first got my got my feet wet in this company, and in February 2011 I joined for myself. I fell in love with the product before my kit even came. Wax and warmers! That is all it took for me to jump at the opportunity for a new journey. Little did I know the blessings that would come from it. Back in 2011 I joined merely as a hobby, but when life throws a curveball it becomes a part-time gig. Scentsy and my other job were able to provide enough to pay for bills, save for a home, and get to where I wanted to go. And in 2015, I purchased my very own home in Chico, it was one of the best decisions ever. However, spring of 2018 I met someone and decided to sell my home to move up to Paradise. November 2018 we all know that day changed so many lives and I was unfortunate to be part of that, losing everything I owned, except for my dogs and the few items I had enough room to get in my car with. That like for so many others forced me to start rebuilding my life again. That was the moment I knew I had a family within the Scentsy family. They stepped up in so many ways, I will never leave this family. Not only were they able to get me a base with products for my events, but they also sent clothes, business supplies, gift cards, and personal items. One of my sisters even stepped up to let me live with her for a month with my two dogs while I found my own place. My sisters came through as I am originally from Southern California where most of my family live. I needed some help and thanks to my relationships I made through Scentsy, I was able to keep my business going without skipping a beat. Fast forward a few years, I am happily living my dream of being a farmer. Everything happens for a reason and my life is still rising from the ashes, but I am getting there. I love the life I live and only hope you will join along or help support the journey. With 52 chickens, 2 pigs, 5 dogs, and many cats, as a walnut farmer, I get to share the love of Scentsy with you. Thank you for allowing me to live my DREAMS! Much love, and many blessings. Your Scentsy Gal, Toni L. Chevalier

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